I am not your typical writer. I am not the type to slave over the computer, waiting for words to flow from my mind to the paper. I go out and explore. I travel to new places, attend cultural events, and have new experiences. These three activities, along with the people whom I do these activities with, inspire my work. It is my creative fuel, which allows me to do my job as a writer.

So I write. I write articles. I write blogs. I write marketing and social media content. I fall into the category of contextual journalists whose goal is to add context to their work for their audience to have a greater understanding of the relevance of the topic.

I take an interest in writing about fashion and lifestyle topics, in addition to technology and travel. I take an interest in finding the untold story with a different angle.

A big part of my job is being a communicator, which allows me to dissect complex information and translate into simpler terms for my audience. This can include social media presence, supplemental visuals, both areas I also specialize in.

As a creative, pride myself on my ability to see the big picture – the end product. I visualize how I want the end product to look and take the steps to achieve that vision. I’m able to see how all the pieces fit together as a whole.

If I could pick five words to describe me, they would be: creative, ambitious, caring, loyal and passionate. These take shape in both my professional and personal life.

This site embodies what I’m all about. It showcases my work and the things that inspire my work.