Month in Review: March 2017

We’re near the end of the month, which means we’re almost a fourth of the way done with 2017! I can’t believe how fast the year has gone so far! March has been an especially busy month, also serving as a transitional month for me. I am no longer in that post-graduation limbo phase!

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you might know that I did get my first big-girl job this month! It was a huge win for me this month and allowed me to finally enter into the adult world after a couple months of discouragement with my job search.

That’s my big update for the month, but March has also been a month where I have tried some new things, which I am so excited to share with all of you!

TIBCO Software Inc.

The company that I got a job with is TIBCO Software Inc., a 20-year-old software company that is based out of Palo Alto, CA. They create a lot of software that connects applications and business services. I’m a content marketing specialist for them, so I’m going to be working on creating a lot of content for the company. Right now, they are working on establishing that department and really shaping where it’s going in the future, so I’m really excited to be a part of that. I’m only about two weeks in, but I already love the company and the office (it’s also a five-minute commute!). My team consists of people from all over the world so it is cool to see how the company spreads globally. I’m excited to see what projects I’m going to be working on coming up.

Photo courtesy of TIBCO.


A couple weeks ago, it was Nicole’s birthday and as part of her birthday weekend agenda was going to a class at the Cyclebar, a cycle studio in the DTC. I was skeptical because I had never gone to a spin class before, but it was such a great workout! The Cyclebar’s classes keep you on your toes because you bike to the beat of the music and they pick such upbeat music to bike to, spanning across all genres of music. You can’t feel your legs when you’re done, but it’s such a great way to workout if you want to mix up your routine. I’ll definitely be going back sometime soon.

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Bright Eyes Creative LLC

I have been talking about starting my own business for a while, and I finally did it! Bright Eyes Creative LLC is my own business I have for my own freelance services. This includes writing, editing, social media, and creative consulting. I’m really excited about it because I would love to see it grow into something bigger one day. For now, it’s just my freelancing services I do on the side. If you or anyone you know needs something created or any of the services mentioned above, please send them my way!


I finally got the chance to go to Topgolf after hearing my friends raving about it for the last year. Katie and I decided to go with Gosha, who just left for Navy training before getting deployed to Dubai over the summer. It was definitely worth the hype! It’s set up very similar to bowling where you rent a bay and take turns playing different variations of golf games. You can pick the type of club you want and just hit the golf balls. It requires no golf experience, so it makes it fun for anyone. The only con about Topgolf is the wait. Since it’s the only one in the area, we had a three-hour wait before we could get into a bay. Nonetheless, I would definitely go back.

Photo courtesy of Topgolf.

“Beauty and the Beast”

O.M.G. This movie was amazing. Whether or not you are a fan of the animated version, this movie was so well cast and well executed. I think it was perfectly cast, especially Emma Watson as Belle and Josh Gad as Lefou. We made a girls night out of it so I went with my mom and Katie. We went to the AMC 24 where they had reclining seats, which made the movie experience even better. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a Disney Princess fan!

Denver Fashion Weekend

Denver Fashion Weekend was the last highlight for March. 303 Magazine puts on DFW twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall. I went a few years ago back in college and did press, but since I am writing for them, I got the opportunity to go and take some friends along. I took Katie, Jennifer, and Jj, all who have never been before. It’s one of Denver’s biggest events, so I was happy to invite them along so they could have the experience.


The show was at the EXDO Event Center in Denver. It reminded me a lot of these venues where designers at New York Fashion Week would show – very industrial and urban. I do have to say, I liked when they had it at City Hall better just because they had a balcony where it was easier to see the clothes walk the runway no matter where you stood. However, even if you aren’t into fashion, this one is a must-see because of the experience.


With the new month and a new quarter, I’m excited to see what it’s going to bring, what adventures I’m going to go on, and the experiences I’m going to have. Stay tuned!


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