16 Lessons I Learned in 2016

Yesterday, I came across a friend’s Instagram post where he talked about 16 lessons he learned in 2016. I thought it was a great idea, so instead of posting an Instagram post dedicated to it, I decided to blog about it.

Here are the 16 lessons I learned in 2016:

  1. Some of the best experiences in life happen spontaneously
  2. Fight for the people and the ideas you believe in – your voice will make a difference
  3. All the signs pointing to the right path start to fall into place if you give it enough time and patience
  4. It can just take one person to tell you you’re beautiful for you to have a completely different outlook on yourself
  5. Even when it feels like you are not loved, you are loved in so many ways by so many different people
  6. Adventures are good for the soul
  7. No matter where life takes you, the people you care about the most will always come with you
  8. One of the most joyous things in life is helping others celebrate their accomplishments
  9. Learn how to pose and take good photos of yourself – you will thank yourself later
  10. Tell people how much you appreciate them giving of their time and talents; this small action can have the biggest impact
  11. Experiences are more fulfilling than materialistic items – and can often inspire some of your best professional work
  12. Find and hone your God-given gifts and play to your strengths
  13. Don’t apologize for who you are because that person is pretty awesome
  14. Confrontation doesn’t always end as badly as you think it will
  15. Always give credit where credit is due
  16. Stay hungry and stay humble

Happy 2017!


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