College Avenue Magazine

cover screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-3-14-28-pm










I was the editor-in-chief of College Avenue Magazine for a year and a half. On the left, is my first issue, published in September 2015; On the right is my last issue, published in December 2016.

During the time I was the editor, I made the following changes to the magazine:

  • Abandoned the idea of issue themes
  • Modernized the nameplate and design
  • Focused more on visuals
  • Changed the publication size from a tab to a standard magazine
  • Rebranded the magazine
  • Reformatted the magazine to give it distinct sections and traditional magazine elements
  • Published the magazine on glossy paper as opposed to newsprint
  • Modified the layout schedule
  • Published more online content
  • Redesigned the logo
  • Created a Twitter account

These changes have caused the magazine to be competitive with other college entertainment magazines by focusing on the eclecticism of the people and places in Fort Collins and sharing that with the magazine’s readers.


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