The Steamboat Classic | Steamboat Day 2

Today’s events consisted of the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, a birthday BBQ and a riveting double round of Yahtzee.

Last night after I got in was very relaxed, filled with catching up with the fam, hanging out by the pool and pizza night at a nearby pizza place. It is exactly the pace I want to be at for my vacation seeing as I need some much needed down time after the last month between school and work. But two of my three summer classes are done so I have a lot more free time to focus on some other things I want to get done before fall semester starts.

I forgot just how beautiful and green Steamboat Springs was. It is probably one of the most breathtaking places I’ve visited in the mountains. The view from our condo is even better – the porch looks out to the slopes. I would love to see what it looks like in the winter covered in snow! We are also overlooking a soccer field, where there happened to be a tournament going on over the weekend. The complex itself is the same one we stayed at 10 years ago, so the unit was very familiar to me once I got there.

The view from the patio of the condo.
The view from the patio of the condo.

There is also a small strip mall within walking distance of the complex filled with various restaurants. We went over there last night for pizza at Blue Sage Pizza, and it definitely lived up to its reputation of being some of the best pizza in Steamboat. I also had a New Belgium Sunshine, which is easily become my favorite beer (I also got my parents to try it and like it too!).

It ended up being the perfect thing to do because we had to call it a night early, as we were headed out to the hot springs early this morning. My mom scheduled massage appointments for us girls starting at 10 so we had to be out of the house by 9:15, meaning I had to be up by 8. Not very ideal for vacation wake up after waking up at 5 yesterday, but the hot springs made it worth it.

The Strawberry Park Hot Springs was honestly probably the best hot springs experience I’ve had in Colorado. I’ve been to hot springs in Pagosa, Glenwood and Hot Sulphur and while each one is different, I liked this one the best. It was the most holistic and isolated of all the hot springs, considering this one is basically on top of a mountain in the midst of the forest. Not to mention, it was all mineral water so you didn’t get that sulphur smell that you do with other hot springs. To get there, we literally drove up the mountain, losing cell service along the way, but it made for the best experience to be disconnected for a few hours.

If you are up in Steamboat, I highly recommend going. It is about a half hour drive outside Steamboat, but one of the best hot springs atmospheres you can get.

The masseuse was in a hut that my mom said looked like something out of the enchanted forest, but the masseuse was the best massage experience. To be honest, I probably have knots going all the way back to freshman year of college archived in my back. After the massage and the hot springs, I felt so relaxed and was just what I needed.

My mom and I in one of the pools at the hot springs (sorry for the picture quality!)

The hot springs is one of my favorite things to do in any place that has “springs” in the name. It is so good for your body by releasing all of these toxins, relaxing your muscles and making your skin nice and soft. With the massage and the hot springs, it released a lot of toxins from our bodies, so it was important that we stayed hydrated for the rest of the day.We spent a good portion of the day at the springs and just spent the rest of the day just relaxing when we got back. I was already so tired from having to wake up early and the hot springs just made me that much more relaxed so I definitely needed some down time.

We closed out the day with a BBQ for my dad’s birthday. We made pork, baked sweet potatoes and Greek salad, topping it off with ice cream. The best part of the entire night was having family game night where we played our favorite, Yahtzee. Dubbed the “Steamboat Classic” by my dad, we played two games. My mom won the first game, my brother won the second game (he beat me by one point) and my dad got the highest cumulative score. It is the one game that we all get so into and is just so much fun to play. I can’t even remember the last time we played it it’s been so long.

The Steamboat Classic official scorecard.
The Steamboat Classic official scorecard.

It was the perfect day in my opinion, with just the right balance of activity and relaxation. It was definitely much needed for me given how busy I keep myself all the time. Tomorrow is my last full day in Steamboat before heading back to Fort Collins on Sunday. We’re planning a very low-key day, as everyone has been kept pretty busy while we’ve been here.

Though I only had a long weekend, I’m trying to really enjoy each day as it comes and goes. I really just want to enjoy the time I have with my family and relax so I can come back relaxed and rejuvenated. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job of both.

‘Til tomorrow,



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