My Month In Review: April 2016

Sorry for the delay – it is May, which means it’s finals month (I’m currently writing this on a break from studying!).

I thought I would spend some time writing about what I did in the month of April. It was a very busy month, since it was the last month of school, but I did get the opportunity to do some pretty great things!

April 1: CSU Fashion Show at The Lincoln Center

The month kicked off with CSU’s annual spring fashion show at The Lincoln Center. It is the opportunity for the graduating seniors to show off their capstone collections. The show was pretty much sold out this year and featured 22 collections ranging from activewear to plus-size. The show was put on by the fashion show event planning class in the Department of Design and Merchandising. One of my friends, McKenna Semin, was one of the directors for the show this year. Everything was executed really well and it made for a great event to watch. Plus, this was the first year I could just sit in the audience and watch the show instead of worrying about being the press! You can check out the article I wrote in anticipation for the show for College Avenue here.

File May 08, 5 47 33 PM

April 9: Damian Stieler’s Baptism

Katie and I had the opportunity to witness the baptism of Damian Stieler. Jj and Nicole were asked a year ago by Dani and Kent to be Damian’s godparents. It was amazing to get to be there to watch as two of my close friends get to become godparents. In the Greek Orthodox church, it is one of the most honorable things to be asked to be a godparent, as you provide spiritual guidance for a child throughout their lives. I’m so proud of both Jj and Nicole for being Damian’s godparents. They are going to be amazing role models for him, and I’m so glad they have this opportunity. I had never been to a baptism at St. Spyridon yet, so it was nice to see how Fr. Evan performs them. There was even a bishop from Kenya there to perform the baptism, so it was definitely one to remember. Not to mention that I got some pretty awesome photos too!

File May 08, 5 41 18 PM

April 22: Ram Slam Volleyball Tournament

As part of my involvement for student media this year, I was on the special events committee, where we organized a spring volleyball tournament called Ram Slam. It was an event that took place on the volleyball courts and the IM fields at CSU. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and drew a crowd of about 200 players and many other spectators. We were very lucky with the weather, because we were initially going to do it the following weekend, which ended up being bad weather. The event brought in food trucks like Umami, Gunter’s Bavarian Grill and Revolution Artisan Pops. I helped to put on the event and ran the CSU Collegian Snapchat account, which was a lot of fun. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not a huge Snapchatter, but I do love using it for promotional purposes. For it being the first year, it was a huge success, so it will definitely happen again next year!

Photo courtesy of Kyle Deuschle.
Photo courtesy of Kyle Deuschle.

April 23: OPA-cize

One of my former Greek dance teachers from high school, Kathy, brought her business, OPA-cize to Fort Collins in April. She is one of the very first people in the U.S. to start doing this type of exercise class. It was originally started in Australia and has spread to various cities in the U.S. Kathy is the only one in Colorado doing this, and she has three locations throughout the state: one in Denver, one in the DTC, and one in Fort Collins. I had been meaning to go since last fall, but kept losing the opportunities when I was home at my parents’ house, so I was very excited when she was bringing it to Fort Collins. The best way to describe it is Greek dance Zumba, with doing simple Greek dance steps to modern Greek music. It is a lot of fun and is a different way to exercise, which I always appreciate. If you are interested, I definitely recommend going (the next one in Fort Collins is May 21).

Photo courtesy of Kathy Papadimitropoulous.
Photo courtesy of Kathy Papadimitropoulous.


And then there was Holy Week, which merited its own post, which you can read (or re-read) here.

I can’t wait to see what the month of May brings! I already have some pretty exciting things to look forward to throughout the month. I hope everyone has a fabulous May, with summer right around the corner!


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