My Month In Review: March 2016

I miss blogging on a regular schedule. Well, that’s kind of a lie, considering I have to blog every week for my digital promotions class. I miss blogging about the quirky things that make up my life (throwback to when I used to have my Greek Coffee blog). I’ve gotten terribly out of practice, but I want to get back into it.

Starting this month, I hope to do these “month in review” blog posts, where I recap my month and everything interesting I have done in that month. With the months flying by, it’s always so hard to recall everything that you end up doing. So I hope that by doing this, I can have a chance to reflect on my month as well.

Let’s get into it…

TEDxCSU (March 5)

TEDxCSU was probably one of the best events I have gone to thus far at CSU. If you read my last post, “One Word,” you would know that some of the talks had a profound impact on the way I think about ideas and how I will think about ideas going forward. I got the most value from the day for what I paid for it ($5 for 10 talks, food and beer). If you are a fan of TED talks, I highly recommend you try to go to a TED event at least once in your lifetime, whether it be at your school or in your city. The talks are so powerful and are so enjoyable to watch. I learn something new each time I watch one! I inserted the entire series of talks below:

Hiking Horsetooth (March 6)

I’m really trying to make it a mission of mine to try to get outdoors more this spring and summer. I’m not completely repellent to the outdoors, it’s just not first on my list of things to do. We were fortunate enough to have a 70+ degree day early in March in Fort Collins, so we (being myself, Katie and Jj) decided to go hike Horsetooth. I thought I hadn’t gone at all while being in college, but I guess I did when I was a freshman without knowing it? Anyways, it made for a great ending to the weekend because we were outside and in peace with the nature surrounding us. Not to mention that the views were absolutely spectacular. After that trip, I definitely want to get outside more now that the weather is getting warmer. Not to mention that it is a great form of exercise!

File Mar 31, 11 00 35 AM

File Mar 31, 11 01 17 AM

Sundance (March 8)

I’m usually not one to go out on school nights, but I made an exception and went to Sundance, the country dancing place here in Fort Collins. I had gone once before back in September, but haven’t been since. Tuesday is usually their biggest night, so a lot of CSU students come out. I had my early class cancelled the next day, so I could totally justify going. And it was the week before spring break so I didn’t have a lot going on. It was a lot of fun to mix up my routine and do something different. Plus it was a great excuse to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

File Mar 31, 11 00 21 AM

Lent (March 14)

Lent began really late this year when compared to Western Easter. This year for Lent, I decided to give up alcohol, caffeine and sugar. These three things are the biggest temptations for me in my every day life, so I decided it was best to give them up. I’m also trying to listen to more Byzantine chant and read more religious books to observe the period. I love the Lenten period, especially as we closer to Pascha. It is such a great time to reflect on yourself and transform yourself.

Golden (March 16)

Over spring break, I got the chance to go visit my old friend Sam from my middle school and high school days up in Golden. I had been meaning to go visit over the last few breaks, but all those plans had fallen through, so over spring break, I decided to go and visit her. I hadn’t been to Golden for years, so it was an absolutely beautiful drive on the way up (I took the scenic route on the C-470). Golden is right at the foot of the foothills, so I was surrounded by the mountains. I got to see Sam’s condo and her husky puppy, Luna at her condo that she lives in with her boyfriend (someone else that I know from elementary and middle school). We grabbed lunch and then explored downtown Golden. It was a refreshing change to the suburbs where I live. It was fun to just take a little road trip and go somewhere new and then of course, to catch up with an old friend.

2nd Snow Day (March 23)

For I’m pretty sure the first time in CSU history, we got a second snow day, about six weeks after our last one. To be honest, it was really unexpected, seeing as we were only supposed to get a few inches. A few inches turned into 13 inches in addition to blowing snow and ice. Needless to say, it was a nice unexpected break in the middle of the week and served as a great day to catch up and get ahead.

College Avenue (March 25)

I was particularly excited for College Avenue this month, because I love the cover story. One of my writers interviewed a few nude models and wrote a profile about how nude modeling contributes to body confidence. It was an excellent piece, with even better photos. We had a quick turn around for this issue, seeing as we had spring break, which threw off layout. We still managed, pulling of a very well designed and written issue, probably the best we’ve had all school year.

This month's cover

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (March 25)

Of course I went to go see MBFGW2 the day it came out. I was so excited to see it and it definitely lived up to my expectations. I also got to see it with some of my Greek friends, which made it so much better since we could all relate to all of the comments made in the movie. Bonus: the actress who played Paris (Elena Kampouris), followed me on Twitter, liking two of my tweets, then liked my photo on Instagram!

File Mar 31, 10 59 53 AM

TV Shows: How to Get Away With Murder & The People v. O.J. Simpson

I’ve been really into crime dramas this month for some reason and both of these shows are absolutely spectacular. They are both so addictive so I highly recommend you watch if you are remotely interesting in shows based on criminal law.

Reading: The New Yorker

I took the plunge and subscribed to The New Yorker. It is the best deal for students because you can get 12 weeks of it for $6. I’ve become obsessed with their articles because I really love longform magazine writing and their variety of topics. Plus, you get access to all of their archives, which is really fun to go through.I definitely took advantage of it for a fashion advertising project I’m doing for my historic costume class.

I’ve also read a few other books: “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown. Both were good if you want some unconventional self-help books.

Music: “Kai Petao Psilia” by Ilias Vrettos

Two words: ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED. I’m in a funk with music right now, but came across this upbeat Greek song and can’t stop listening to it. It is so good. If you like Greek music, I recommend checking it out.

That’s all I got for this month! Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

XO, Alexa


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