One Word

I had the pleasure of going to TEDxCSU March 5 on CSU’s campus. This was one of TED’s independently organized events that they host throughout the world. As a fan of TED talks, I was excited to attend this, especially with the wide range of topics and number of speakers.

For $5 (the student ticket price), we got to hear 10 speakers, have lunch, refreshments and a free beer for those of age from Horse & Dragon or Odell, the sponsors of the event. It was definitely a good deal for the price and a great way to spend the day.

While I learned a lot from the speakers that make me think about the way I view certain issues, one speaker’s message stood out to me.

Ironically enough, it was the first speaker, Xajés Martinez. Xajés’ speech was based on a question from a capstone project: if you could describe yourself in one word, and if that one word would replace your name, what would it be?

That question alone got me to think: what one word would I use to describe myself? That question lingered in my head for the rest of the day, and I began to examine words that describe my past, present and future.

There are thousands of words, spread across hundreds of languages. Picking one word seems like an impossible task.

Xajés made a great point about the power of words: that they are the locks and keys to our existence. They open doors, as well as close them. As a writer myself, I saw this as such a powerful idea.


Xajés began with narrowing down to three words, so that’s what I’ve decided to share with you– the words I would use to describe myself.

The one thing all of these words have in common is that they are Greek words. This is important for me because that represents my heritage and my cultural roots. Being Greek has shaped so many things in my life, so it is only fitting that the words I chose would be Greek words.

  1. Axios – This word is typically used when clergy is ordained. I like it because of it’s meaning, “worthy of.” It’s a message of self-empowerment for me because for the longest time, I felt worthless. This word reminds me that I am worth it and with that worth, comes power. I also associate this word with strength and perseverance. Feeling self-worth is the strongest thing you can have because with it, you are so much more sure of yourself. It’s important for me as I move forward in my life, as each day, my self-confidence is increasing and I do feel worthy of the life I’m living.
  2. Metanoia – Metanoia can be defined as “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.” This is a powerful word for me because I believe in living my life in phases. I have learned something in each of these phases that has changed my outlook moving forward. I have learned something from every life experience I have had and it’s carried forward with me to my next phase. My most current phase has been my weight loss journey where I have literally changed the way I have lived my life. This word will carry me forward in that my life will continue to evolve and change for the better, teaching me along the way.
  3. Meraki – Meraki can be defined as “the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of of yourself that is put into your work.” I can’t tell you how much I identify with this word. It is something I strive to do with everything I produce – I always make a habit of signing all of my work in one way or another! I want to produce work that is authentic to me and what I believe. This word also carries on to passion as well. The more passion you have, the more you show up in your work. Everything I do has a bit of myself in it, which I think is super important, especially as a creator.

While I have narrowed down to three words, I am still on my journey to find that one word that perfectly describes me. I’m keeping my eyes open for this word because I don’t know when I’ll find it. But I do know it’s out there.


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