How social media impacts the fashion industry

In every industry, the use of social media is inevitable. We can’t go on Twitter without getting a play-by-play of everything, whether it be a TV show or the Super Bowl. Social media gives us a way to be a part of the conversation; it’s no different in fashion.

With fashion week right around the corner, brands and entities are questioning how they can make the most of social media to get the upper edge with their competition. In what has traditionally been an exclusive event, social media now allows for fashion shows to be live-tweeted by those in attendance for the whole world to see.


Additionally, many brands are tapping into celebrities who have dominated the social media game; Kendall Jenner – who has 48 million Instagram followers and 15.3 million Twitter followers – is now the face of Estee Lauder, starring in all of their ad campaigns.

Brooklyn Beckham, 16-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, has been asked by Burberry to photograph their fragrance campaign. Beckham has 5.9 million Instagram followers. From his Instagram posts, the Burberry creative team feel that he has a good visual eye that will translate to their campaign.

One of the photos taken by Brooklyn Beckham for the Burberry campaign. Photo courtesy of BBC.
One of the photos taken by Brooklyn Beckham for the Burberry campaign. Photo courtesy of BBC.

This has angered photographers who have had to work their way into the industry. Now, their opportunity has been handed to a teenager with no formal training or experience, but rather the connections.

In addition to Instagram, the fashion industry trying to tap into Snapchat to create brand awareness. The communication platform is currently being used the most by younger millennials, ages 18-24. This statistic in particular is useful for many high-fashion brands who have been trying to reach out to that age group.

The luxury brands are struggling with the raw nature of Snapchat; it represents an “in the moment” mentality and is something that can’t be edited. This juxtaposes the perfected nature these brands have emphasized in all other ares of their work.

Influencers like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner win over the hearts of the users of Snapchat because of how candid their content it; that’s what interests the millennials. It’s not what they do with makeup and designer clothes on, it’s what they do behind-the-scenes that we can relate to.

That’s where social media can make a difference. Take the high-end brands that we know we can’t afford and do something to make it relatable. Focus on the influencers to promote the brand. The models Snapchatting that they are hanging out backstage at Balmain pre-show might just be the ones to put them on the map.


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