URBN was a concept created for my entrepreneurial journalism class. We were to come up with a content concept, so I chose to create a franchised magazine that would publish specifically in culturally-rich college towns.

Each college town in “urban” in it’s own sense, which is how the name came to be. The concept was to create a quality tangible product, reflecting in the modern logo.
Our slogan was “the city inside your town,” conveying the fact that each small town has a lot more to offer beneath the surface, almost as much as a major city.
The primary focus of the content is to find the untapped places in each college town that aren’t covered by the media in that town and present it in thoughtful, quality media pieces.
The idea behind URBN is to start in one college town and expand to others. Each magazine would have its own localized staff producing the content.
URBN would come in the form of a quality print product that is very visual in nature. It would also be free to readers.
There would be one home website where all of the magazine’s content would be housed. From the homepage, readers could access content from other cities in addition to their own.
Our demographics for the first magazine are specific to Fort Collins. Included are “hole-in-the-wall” places in Fort Collins as examples of what our content would cover.
Our target market for this concept would be millennials who want to explore the culture of their town, and who enjoy consuming quality content.


Our competitors for the magazine would be Rooster, Scene and College Avenue, all local magazines in the area.
Our content is different because it caters to upscale, diverse consumers in the community who are open to exploring the culture of the city around them.
We would primarily be funding this magazine by ads placed both in the magazine and on the website, in addition to sponsored content.
After Fort Collins, we would be expanding to Boulder, Austin and Ann Arbor.

This project was presented as a pitch deck like a startup would, in front of a panel of professionals who gave us feedback as to how well our concept would do in the current marketplace.


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