The Life of an Intern

Seeing as it is my last day as an intern this summer, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my summer as an intern.

I was fortunate enough to intern at two publications this summer: Yellow Scene Magazine (which, according to the publisher, is the “largest magazine in the Northern Metro Area and Boulder County) and 303 Magazine, Denver’s largest fashion magazine. I was offered the position at Yellow Scene first, back in March, and then 303 came along in May. At first I was going to turn down 303, but after a chat with my dad, one of the wisest people I know, I decided to do both internships.

I was living my dream all summer: writing stories. I wrote two blogs a week for Yellow Scene, and an article a week for 303, so I probably wrote around 50 stories total in about two and a half months (sorry for plaguing your newsfeeds!). That’s a lot of writing, but it’s not like I hated it.

People ask me which internship was better/I liked better, and my answer is the same every time: they were two very different magazines. Yellow Scene was more what I consider a traditional magazine setting. I went into an office and most of their time and effort was towards producing a physical magazine, while still publishing content online. 303 was more of a modern magazine, more focused on online content and less on a print product. 303 also hosted more events, which ended up being part of my duties as an intern.

My highlight while interning at Yellow Scene, I had the opportunity to be published in the magazine. So my story about Boulder being more fashion forward than we think it is was published with a circulation of 70,000. My story was in 70,000 issues of a magazine. If you have seen me at all this summer, I probably have mentioned it. I’m sorry for the bragging, but to a budding journalist, it’s a big deal.

I also got to blog every time I was in the office (you know me, I love blogging!), copyediting and helping my editors out. One of my favorite tasks was going to Boulder with one of my editors and help find clothing for the magazine’s cover shoot. I liked all the people I worked with (not to mention our noon-time walks). It was a relaxed environment, something I didn’t expect at all.

My favorite part about interning at 303 was definitely the fashion shows, even as crazy as they were. I have always been curious about what it would be like to work backstage at a show, and I got my taste of it while at my internship. Not to mention that the ladies I was working with were great too. The models (well, most of them) were respectful and attentive and the clothing was great, especially at the one in July with all the boutiques. It was a good experience, something that’s going to be super important and useful down the road as I get further into my career in the fashion industry.

I got to write an article a week that was published on the magazine’s website, mostly focused on fashion, which is my niche area. It really forced me to keep my finger on the pulse and really follow what’s going on in the industry and taught me how to better utilize search engine optimization. I also got to do Pinterest for 303’s clients, which was actually pretty great (who can say they get to use Pinterest for their job?).

All of my bosses were awesome. They were young (YS’s EIC was 40, but is still young at heart) and encouraging, letting me write what I wanted while guiding me along the way. They were in my shoes not too long ago so they understand that all an intern wants is to gain experience and to learn, not get their boss’s coffee (which ironically I did once). Interning was not what I thought it would be; it was better. I got to do what I loved and learned a lot about how a magazine is run because, spoiler alert, I’m planning on starting my own someday.

Even with the problems with the magazines and the management, I think they were both great places to intern at. They were local and known and besides 5280, some of the only magazines in Colorado. I loved the people I worked with and loved learning more about the business. After seeing the business first hand at an intern, I am so excited to immerse myself into it further. It has prepared me to fully step into my role as editor-in-chief of College Avenue in the fall.

No matter where my career takes me, I am so thankful that I got to intern for both Yellow Scene and 303 Magazine as my first internships. I’m even more thankful I got to spend my summer doing something I loved.




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