“Oxi” is a very strong word for the Greek people.

“Oxi” means no.

No means we won’t take this austerity anymore. No means we want out.

The Greeks have a whole day devoted to when they said no. A day they didn’t want to put up with the manipulation any longer. That was October 28, 1940, when Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum put forth by Benito Mussolini, sparking the Greek’s counterattack on the Italians during the Greco-Italian War. Today marks another historic day – July 5, 2015. The day the Greeks said no a second time, this time to the austerity from the European Union.

Tsipras encourages the people to make the right decision, with 61 percent voting “no”, and 38 percent voting “yes” at the referendum vote. “Oxi” is an idea, long rooted in the Greek people; prideful people who want to preserve what is left of the land they know and their ancestors knew. The Greeks aren’t ones to take handouts or bailouts from anyone if that means losing control of what they have and founded. If they have to, they will start from the ground up, because that’s what the Greeks do. They are strong and they persevere and they will get through this.

Greece has a long, rich history, filled with triumphs and tribulations, but not once did they succumb to their enemies.The Greeks have faced much worse and they have come back stronger because of it. Enough is enough.

The other option would have been continual austerity. Yes, it would have been the easy way out, but the country would be unable to reclaim was has already been lost because of the EU. A form of slavery, something the Greeks have already endured for 400 years by the Turks and the Ottoman Empire. We are past that and never need to go back there again. The Greeks are fighters. As Winston Churchill put it,

“Hence, we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.”

Greece made history today with rejecting the European Union’s help, the first country to do anything like this. It’s not going to be an easy road for Greece, but with the perseverance of its people, it’ll be enough to start anew.

“If Greece is destroyed completely, an olive tree, a vine, and a boat will remain. That is enough to rebuild her from the beginning.”


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