Sweet Summertime

My summer has been busy. Not busy like when I took 18 credits hours, but busy.

My internships (for those of you who don’t know, I got another internship offer to be an editorial intern at 303 Magazine, in addition to the one at Yellow Scene) have kept me super busy during the week. Like last Thursday, I interned in Erie at Yellow Scene Magazine from 9-3 and then drove down to Denver for a poolside fashion show thrown by 303 from 4-9. Talk about a packed day.

I really love interning. Despite the fact that it’s unpaid, it’s been giving me great experience in doing what I love: writing. I have already done more writing this summer than I did last summer. It has definitely filled the void since school got out. And if I’m being honest, interning is a hell (sorry Laeresa, I know you are probably reading this to the girls!) of a lot better than working retail. Anything is probably better than working retail.

Madonna cover shoot
Madonna cover shoot

I’ve done some pretty cool things so far. For Yellow Scene, I got an article published in their summer Hot Issue proving that Boulder is more fashion forward than everyone thinks it is. It was my editor who inspired the article, and I accepted the challenge. I love having a story that’s a challenge. It just forces you to think outside the box and find a different angle. I would say the story turned out great. I also got to go to the cover photo shoot for the issue. Since it is Yellow Scene’s 15th anniversary this year, the editors decided to theme the covers after iconic album covers, so the Hot Issue’s cover was based off of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” album cover.

Backstage at the Poolside Fashion Show
Backstage at the Poolside Fashion Show

The best part about being a 303 intern is the events they throw. This summer, they have hosted pool parties and poolside fashion shows. I worked at my first fashion show last week and it was a crazy experience. It was so chaotic for such a short period of time! Between the rain and the garment rack breaking, it could not have been more hectic, but the show was amazing, mostly because the venue overlooked a lake just as the sun was setting.

I’ve also had some pretty epic reunions with friends too. I’m trying to see all my friends back home throughout the summer, because a lot of them go to school out of state and it’s harder to see them because our breaks don’t always align.

Reunion with all my yearbook friends - the yerds
Reunion with all my yearbook friends – the yerds

One of my favorite groups of people to see are my friends from yearbook when I took it in high school. Two years out, we still find times to get together on a regular basis. It was great to see all of them at one of their graduation parties, since she was a sophomore when we were all seniors. They are some of the the closest friends I have kept since high school.

Mini Colorado IV Reunion
Mini Colorado IV Reunion

I also got to see another familiar face this summer; someone who I went to Ionian Village with two years ago. Andrew is interning in Denver this summer for a construction company and wanted to see all the IV alum in Colorado. It’s one of those things where even after two years, you can reunite and it was like you were never separated. I’ve probably seen him more this summer so far than any of my other friends, just because he’s been hanging around with the church community quite a bit. We had an amazing reunion dinner at Sam’s No. 3 with pretty much all the Colorado IV alum.

I do miss my friends in Fort Collins. As my friend Nina puts it, we are basically living two lives: one in Denver, and one in Fort Collins. And because they are 60 miles apart, they don’t ever collide. I’ve been trying to see my Fort Collins friends even though I’m in Denver for the summer. I had one over for brunch, Jj, (if you have been following Greek Coffee, you know Jj) which worked out because he was in the area and I’m hosting an OCF event in a few weeks down at my parents’ house so it’ll be nice to see everyone again before we go back to school.

Mom, Katie and I on our way to the Luke Bryan concert
Mom, Katie and I on our way to the Luke Bryan concert

I also went to the Luke Bryan concert, which seemed like everyone in my feed went to, and the Greek Festival. The Luke Bryan concert was amazing! It was like 5 concerts in one, since there were 4 other acts in addition to Luke: Dustin Lynch, Thomas Rhett, Randy Houser, Florida Georgia Line and then Luke Bryan. The weather was a little inclement, but once it passed, it was a beautiful Colorado night. There is honestly nothing better than a country concert in the summer. It was also my first concert at Sports Authority Field, which if you are sitting in the right spot, is such a cool concert venue.

So glad I got to see this girl at the Greek Festival
So glad I got to see this girl at the Greek Festival

The Greek Festival is a non-negotiable event that I attend every summer. I grew up going and dancing at it, so it is a lot of fun to now go back as a guest, taking everything as a guest should. One of my good friends, Tamsen, drove down from Fort Collins to attend. It was her first Greek Festival in Denver. I had a lot of fun with her, especially when I was able to throw money on my sister during the night show! I wish someone got a photo of it, but it was the most exhilarating moment of the day. I always wished someone did that for me, so it was nice to do it for Katie.

I think that pretty much sums up everything that has been going on with me so far. I can’t believe summer is halfway over and I’m going to be moving up to FoCo in about 6 weeks. It’s been great so far and only to get better.

P.S. This photo is too good not to share – Katie and I got our own car, so my dad decided to take a photo of us before our first outing with it. It’s named Medusa.

Katie and I in Medusa before our first outing.
Katie and I in Medusa before our first outing.

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