Night Hikes and Blood Moons

(For those of you who I told this blog was going to be up yesterday morning, I apologize. Pascha (Easter) is this week for me, so I’m trying to get all my work done within three days, so priorities.)

If you ever want a great way to start a work week and end a weekend, I suggest taking a night hike. I know what you’re thinking, which is probably the same thing my parents were thinking when I told them: it’s totally safe depending on where you’re going and who you’re going with.

We (meaning myself, Nina, and our mutual friends, Natalie and Sarah) hiked the A, and for those of you in Fort Collins, you know it as the little mountain that is usually marked with a painted white “A” symbolizing CSU’s Aggie heritage. In fact, it’s an item on CSU’s bucket list to hike or paint the A.

We left just as the sun was going down (I wish we went earlier to watch the sunset), so it was still pretty light to see the trail on the ascent. It was a mild hike, coming from the girl who is horrible at hiking, making it a great form of exercise that works all parts of your body.

The sunset before we went.
The sunset before we went.

Though we weren’t that high, the view of the lights of Fort Collins was incredible! That being said, we were just far enough away from the city to see the stars in the sky without interference. I don’t go hiking that often, but I almost like it better at night. It’s more quiet and organic.

We reached the top after about half an hour, and the city was even more incredible. On the way up, we were debating when exactly the moon would come out, and it was left as undetermined. At around 9, Nina pointed out the moon rising in the east over Fort Collins. Guys, it was a BLOOD MOON. Words can’t describe how red it was in person. I wish I brought my Nikon to photograph. I tried with my phone but it didn’t quite pick it up.

The best photo of the blood moon I got.
The best photo of the blood moon I got.

We were in awe watching it rise slowly before the lunar eclipse, which caused it, passed and began our descent down the mountain.

The descent was quick, but still with the view of the lights on our way down. We kept talking about the moon on the way down. We concluded that we were probably some of the only people to watch the moon rise the way we did.

After hesitating to go (which I’m glad I did!), I accomplished three bucket list items: a nighttime hike, hiking the A, and seeing a blood moon. Definitely a great way to end a fantastic weekend and a great way to start the school week.

Selfie with the girls once we reached the top!
Selfie with the girls once we reached the top!

Have a good rest of the week!


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