Lust List: Bean Boots

Usually when I write a “Lust List” post, it’s for something that I have personally had my eye on. This time, the “Lust List” post is for you, my readers. If you know me on a personal level, then you know how much I rave about my Bean Boots from L.L.Bean. Out of all my boots, these probably get the most usage during the winter. That’s because they are made to take the weather winter gives you.

The boots are over 100 years old, being handcrafted in Maine. The boots are sewn one pair at a time at L.L.Bean headquarters. They are crafted from full-grain leather, used on the shaft of the boot, while the bottom is made from a steel shank that supports the rubberized bottom with a rubber-chain tread. The tread on these boots is unlike anything I have seen before on a boot. It gives the most grip, even on ice, which is perfect if you have to walk across campus like I do. The pair I have has Thinsulate in them, an olefin/polyester blend that is used as insulation to keep the feet warm in the winter.

8" Bean Boots (Photo: L.L. Bean)
8″ Bean Boots (Photo: L.L. Bean)

The story of how I came across and settled upon these boots is worth telling. It began last September, and if you live in Colorado, you remember all the flooding we had in the northern part of the state. I didn’t have a single pair of waterproof boots in my possession. Fort Collins, where I go to school will sometimes get wetter weather than where I live (it has to do with the elevation) so I wasn’t quite used to the weather. When I came home for the first time later that month, I was on the hunt for rain boots that weren’t Hunters. I was amazed that I could not find a single pair of decent rain boots in over half a dozen different stores. I then decided I had to look at other options. I had been following a YouTube fashion guru (Sarahbelle93x. She makes great videos, by the way!) and saw that she had been a huge fan of Bean Boots. Not only her, but The College Prepster (Carly Hetlinger) had been too. I began to research and find that these boots are a huge staple on the East Coast, where snowfall was at least twice as much as we receive in Colorado.I then looked on Pinterest, what I do whenever I am seriously considering buying a particular item of clothing, for ideas on how to style them. I found that the boots, being in a neutral color, make them very versatile. I was sold. My parents offered to get them for me for my birthday (which was in October) and they were honestly one of the best shoe purchases I have made.

These can be worn when it’s raining or when it’s snowing. Or when you get the melt off from the snow and the sidewalks are all wet. They are perfect if you live in an area that gets a lot of inclement weather during the winter and have to walk around in it.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


A connotation that comes with Bean Boots is that they are a preppier boot. I by no means have that preppy of a style, but I found that these can be worn with anything from a flannel to an oversized sweater, to even with a skirt. I also finally got smart and bought some wool socks to wear with my boots, and let me tell you, with both the boots and the socks, the cold is not able to penetrate your feel. I tested this theory when I was helping to shovel snow a few weeks ago in below 20 degree weather, and my feet stayed so warm.

Outfit with Bean Boots (Photo: Pinterest)
Outfit with Bean Boots (Photo: Pinterest)


Bean Boots (or “duck boots”) were a major trend during the 1980s, but since, have died off. This year, however, they are resurging on college campuses as well as in high schools. I have noticed more and more girls wearing them. I’m not sure if this is because of the out of state folks that attend the school or the influence of a sturdy boot being on trend for the winter. All I know is that before Christmas, it was estimated that Bean Boots were sold out in a wide range of sizes on L.L.Bean’s website. It was said by some they would not come back in stock until around February.

In addition to Sorel’s, I highly recommend these boots if you are in the market for a new rain/snow boot. They are said to last a lifetime, that’s how well they are constructed. They recommend that if you wear a whole size, order a size down and if you wear a half size, order a size and a half down. I usually wear an 8.5 shoe, so my Bean Boots are in a size 7.

Happy shopping!


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