It’s Always Sunny in Colorado

Along with the amazing #nofilter sunsets, the mountains and the outdoor mentality, Colorado is an amazing place to live, even during the winter. Over the last week and a half we have gotten about a foot of snow that has accumulated outside my house. As I’m writing this, it’s a sunny 45 degree day, and you can finally see the road below the rapidly melting snow. Because of the 300 days of sunshine, you always need a pair of sunglasses when you live in Colorado, even during the winter.

Usually sunglasses are a hot ticket item during the summer, but in Colorado they are a hot ticket item year round. Some amazing collections to consider looking at are Warby Parker’s Winter 2014 Collection, the Concentric Collection and Warby Parker x Ghostly. What’s unique about these sunglasses is you can get them with normal lenses, or filled with prescription lenses if you are a regular glasses wearer, but want the sunglasses effect. They also have a free home try-on program where you can choose up to five different pairs of glasses to try on before you buy. You can send back the ones that don’t meet your satisfaction and purchase the ones you like. Not only does Warby Parker have sunglasses, but also eyeglasses as well.

The Winter 2014 Collection has a lot of darker shades, with a lot of the styles in a tortoise color, which I think are a great alternative to pure black. The frame size is of a larger proportion which is on trend in terms of eyeglasses shapes right now (I prefer larger frames in general). They also offer a variety of different styles that range from traditional frames or bottomless frames. All are made from cellulose acetate and have and anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating on the lenses.

I’m really into large, thick frames, especially on sunglasses right now. One of my favorite pairs of sunglasses from the collection is the Reilly style. I’m rather torn between the “Sparrow Grey” and “Whiskey Tortoise” color. I am a huge fan of tortoise for sunglasses, but I also like the frame in grey as a super chic color. I also really like the Ripley style. I have a pair of inexpensive sunglasses that are a similar style, but I like how these have a bottomless frame. I love them in the “Whiskey Tortoise” color! I think they have a cool girl vibe to them. The last pair from this collection I really liked was the Barkley style in “Antique Shale Fade.” I absolutely love how oversized they are! My mom rolls her eyes at how much I love oversized glasses, but at the same time, I happen to be able to pull them off pretty well.

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The Concentric Collection is a limited edition collection Warby Parker is carrying. What makes them unique is that they have a subtle ring detail on the front of the frame. It is made from a friction technique and crafted from complementary acetate. These frames are also made from the same cellulose acetate the Winter Collection is made out of in addition to anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating on the lenses. They come in both the eyeglass frame and the sunglasses frame. My favorite of the three styles is the Murphy style in the color “Cognac Tortoise.” The frame is a round frame (another personal favorite of style of mine!) with a ring of Vulcanite around the lenses.

Murphy in Cognac Tortoise (Photo: Warby Parker)
Murphy in Cognac Tortoise (Photo: Warby Parker)

The last collection Warby Parker is carrying at the moment is a collaboration with Ghostly International, an inventive music and art label. Warby Parker reissued Curtis, a smooth-line pair of sunglasses from the very first collaboration that happened 15 years ago. As a celebration for Ghostly’s 15 year anniversary, the Curtis style comes in four limited edition colors. The style of the frame is a slightly oversized, rectangular frame. The lines of the frame are smooth, and the angles are discrete. It is described as a “moody and mysterious” frame, made from the same cellulose acetate as the other collections. The only difference is this style is only made in a sunglass, where as the other collections are made in both a sunglass and eyeglass.

Curtis in Bourbon Tortoise (Photo: Warby Parker)
Curtis in Bourbon Tortoise (Photo: Warby Parker)

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to swear off sunglasses until summertime. In certain places, you will get those sunny days in conjunction with the gloomy, snowy weather. I personally love wearing sunglasses. They are an accessory I consider worthwhile to collect, just because there is always a need for them where I live. I love the new Warby Parker collections, and if you love eyewear as much as I do, then it is definitely worth looking into if you are in the market for new eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Hope you all are having a wonderful winter so far!


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