Year-End Reflections and New Year Thoughts

I just felt like I needed to write for a bit on this blog about my thoughts on the new year. I’ve been toying around with posting since it is the start of the year, but it’s been a month since I have so I figured it was a good time to. I make this blog my public journal because I like to share with you all what goes on with me as the year goes on. I’m not quite sure what direction this post is going to go in, but that’s the beauty of writing, right?

As 2014 came to a close, it was time to make resolutions for next year. Many people don’t like the idea of resolutions, for they can be impossible to achieve. The trick is to think of them as goals that are possible to achieve. Looking back on my resolutions for 2014, I found that there were some things I achieved, and others I fell short of. While I wrote pretty much every day between journaling, blogging and creative writing, I fell short in reading. I probably read five books for the entire year. For me, that’s rather pathetic. Moving into 2015, I want to not only read more, but do less technological things. I spend a lot of my days on the computer, between writing, communicating and staying updated with the outside world (which in college, is really harder than you think). I forgot how much I enjoyed pulling out a book or a magazine and just sitting and reading it. It’s just a different way to relax than sitting in front of the computer all the time.

Another thing I want to improve on is from a religious standpoint. For 2014, I wanted to attend OCF and church more. I have found my own little Orthodox/Greek community in Fort Collins, and I love hanging out with my friends up there. I’m ashamed to say that my church attendance has dropped significantly since moving up to Fort Collins. In college, it’s up to you to be responsible and disciplined when it comes to attending church. You don’t have your parents nagging forcing you to go to church every Sunday. Now it’s up to you, and let me tell you, it is so easy to make excuses. You were out late. You have homework. It seems like the excuses never stop. Same goes for things like fasting. For my Orthodox friends, I’m not talking about Lenten or Advent fasting, but your basic Wednesday-Friday no meat fast in anticipation for Sunday’s communion. That, I have been lacking in. There used to be a point where I was doing that constantly. Not anymore. I can’t use not living at my parents’ house anymore as an excuse, because that’s all me.

I’ve finally learned to accept the mentality that everything works out the way it needs to. I saw an example of that today with things I had planned a few weeks in the future. It makes me a believer that everything is working out the way it needs to. One thing that I have a hard time with is letting up that kind of control when it comes to the future. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going to be happening in the next six months. Or over the summer. Or even next year. I have an idea of what I would like to happen, but chances are, that is probably going to change severely. Take this school year even – I was so set on studying abroad next fall, but because of the amount of credits I have to take, it’s no longer in the cards, and I’m all right with that. It turned out to be better that way because I have a lot of things going on in Fort Collins with school and extracurricular activities that I’m not ready to give up. There will always be time to go to Italy, but being a features editor for a collegiate fashion magazine and the Content Marketing Editor for student media are two things that are simply irreplaceable.

Early last year, I figured out that there was a hole in my life, something that needed to be filled. For the longest time, I thought that thing had to be a boyfriend. Turns out, all I needed was a best friend. I am one of those people that has never had that best friend. I had people that I was close with, but eventually, we grew apart. I have finally found that person who has the same mindset and aspirations I do. I am so thankful to have found that person this year. I read a quote that says “friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who walked in your life and said ‘I’m here for you and proved it.'”

That being said, I finally learned that not all of your friends give you the same things. There are your friends you can completely nerd out with things you think are cool while no one else does (yerds, I’m talking to you), your friends that have make you feel comfortable with who you are and accept you no matter what, your friends from high school you want to catch up with over break, and your friends you hang out with on a regular basis who can list off everything you are currently having to deal with. There’s nothing wrong with having all those different categories of friends. They just all give you something that others might not be able to and just because you don’t see certain friends as often as others, doesn’t mean you’re growing apart as long as you still care for one another.

2015 is going to be an exciting year for me. I currently love everything I am doing at school. I love being a journalist and making people happy with what I write. I love writing and find solace in sharing my thoughts and ideas with people. This blog has been a wonderful way to document what I’m doing. It’s forced me to take more photos (and be in more photos!). I have taken a liking to blogging, because it’s rather informal writing. I tell everyone that I know they should start a blog. Many people are on the fence about it, but I encourage it for everyone. When people compliment my blog, I always say that there is no right or wrong way to blog. It’s just about how you feel and what you want to share in that moment.

I’d like to thank you all for reading these posts, no matter how long and irrelevant they are. Readership means everything to a budding journalist. I hope you all are looking forward as much to this year as I am!


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