Light Up the Town

I am a huge fan of Christmas lights. They are one of my favorite parts about the holiday season. I love even more when designated areas will display lights, like Old Town Fort Collins. The lights went live last week and are expected to stay up until February. The Facebook pictures that people posted last year were enough to make me regret not going to see them, so this year, I was determined to see the wonder of the lighted bare trees.

A glimpse of the lights in Old Town.
A glimpse of the lights in Old Town.

BUT FIRST…Starbucks and Indian food.

Yesterday was one of those days where I wasn’t adhered to a set schedule. Both my classes were cancelled, so I had the entire day to do what I wanted (little of which included homework). After using up most of the morning and early afternoon, my friend Nina and I decided to go to Starbucks to take advantage of their buy one get one free holiday drinks (the deal goes until the 16th, from 2-6 PM). I got my new favorite, a caramel brûlée latte with a pump of peppermint (it’s not as weird as you think it would be) and then we just sat and did some work while the sun was going down, and the lights were turning on.

You could say that I am a stereotypical girl when it comes to being attracted to shiny things, except when in this case, it is lights. Sadly, towards the latter part of our time at the coffee shop, the wonder of the lights distracted me from finishing any of the work. I think it was because I haven’t seen lights yet this year, so I was quite drawn by the wonder of them, lighting up every tree in Old Town.

The lights!
The lights!

The next phase of our night was going to Taj Mahal and trying Indian food. We have an assignment for food that requires us to try a cuisine unfamiliar to us and discuss our experience. We decided on Indian food and multiple people recommended the Taj Mahal. I must say, I was fairly pleased with what we ordered. We ordered a variety of things and split them, including Alo Chaat, described as “a potato delicacy tossed with spices, Tamarind chutney and lemon juice,” Lamb Boti Masala, which was this delicious lamb dish in this creamy sauce that literally acted like gravy, so we put it on everything, and then we got some cheese naan which was also amazing. Needless to say, it was a worth while adventure trying a new cuisine. So for anyone in Fort Collins who likes Indian food, Taj Mahal is the place to go.

My first try of Indian food!
My first try of Indian food!

We then did a little bit more walking, mostly to enjoy the lights, but also to venture to Rudolph’s Landing, the Christmas store in Fort Collins that I am profiling for a College Avenue article. I did my interview spur of the moment over the phone, so I never got a chance to visit the store to get a gist for the atmosphere of it. Let me just say that it is the cutest Christmas store I have been to. I have been to Hallmark and St. Nick’s back home, but this is much more upscale with their selection of merchandise. The ornaments, Christmas villages are hand-painted which gives a different essence rather than if they were manufactured. The displays are Christmas trees, so when you are shopping, you are encouraged to “shop the tree.” I was glad I went, so I can add some perspective to my article since I actually visited the store.

Found Santa's Workshop on our way to Rudolph's Landing
Found Santa’s Workshop on our way to Rudolph’s Landing

That ended our Old Town adventure for the night. I was so glad I was able to go, just because I don’t know when my next opportunity will be. I go home for Thanksgiving next weekend and the weekends after I come back are slowly filling up with last minute events before finals and winter break are here. I am now more excited than ever for the holidays (it also doesn’t help that it’s been snowing all week too!) Though November is a limbo month between fall and Christmas, to me, it’s never too early to start getting into the spirit when the first snow graces the ground or when the lights get strung.


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