First of all, I got an official domain name! I feel so official now!

Second of all, I finally finished a book! Being in college lets me not have that much time to read books, but this one I just had to finish! It was over the summer that I read an article about Nasty Gal’s founder and #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso. She published this book discussing the start of her company and what it takes to become your own #GIRLBOSS. When I was in Barnes and Noble back in September with a friend, I picked up this book and started reading it in stores and was immediately enamored by it. I didn’t buy it that day, but I got it as an ebook from the library, downloadable to my iPad. It took me a grand total of 3 days to finish it, which is pretty good considering how much free time I have in college.

The book chronicles Amoruso’s journey of how Nasty Gal went from a small eBay store to a multi-million dollar company. Nasty Gal began around 2006 when Amoruso was working at the San Fransisco Art Institute checking IDs. She had time to kill, so she decided to open her own eBay store, selling vintage clothing she found in thrift stores. She named it Nasty Gal after an album by Betty Davis, claiming her to be the most badass of women. She was a single woman business, buying the vintage, packaging it and sending it to customers who had bid on it. A few years later, she left the eBay store format and started her own online website, which now sells vintage and modern clothing, including brands such as Sam Edelman and Hunter. She now caters to a business of over 200 employees and a huge warehouse location in Los Angeles. Her customer is the confident girl who wants to look cool without spending obscene amounts of money.

Not only does the book tell the story of her company, it shares what young, ambitious women can do to be their own #GIRLBOSS. It talks about confidence in yourself and your work, passion for what you want to do and being your own boss. She was one of those who had no intentions of starting a business, but it just happened. She didn’t have a business degree, she just used her gut instincts to get to where she is today. Amoruso also shared a piece of advice that really spoke to me, and I think to many other girls; she shared how she was never really one for school, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good at anything, it just means your passions and talents lie elsewhere. I think it is so important for people to realize that just because school isn’t your thing, doesn’t mean that you are a failure, your talents are just different.

She also shared her take on style and fashion, and how style is a matter of being creative and innovative with the clothing, not necessarily having clothing that is expensive. She mentioned that when starting out, the styling and posing of her models was what sold the clothing. She could something simple such as an anorak and ski pants into something that looked like it grazed the runways in Paris. It goes to show that you don’t just sell the clothing, but a look to go along with it.

I enjoyed this book a lot. What I loved about it, was reading about how elements of her personal life carried over to her business. For example, Nasty Gal did not start out in debt at all, as Amoruso only spent as much money as she had. This is a valuable life skill to possess, and I’m glad she shared it in her book. She also shared her eclecticism growing up and how her quirks turned her into the CEO she is today.

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in reading about the history of Nasty Gal and delving into the mind of Sophia Amoruso. The book has some humor and sass in it, making you feel like you know Amoruso without even meeting her. Go check it out! It would make a great Thanksgiving break read or holiday present.

Visit Nasty Gal here.


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