Why The Lincoln Center is No Longer the Hub of NYFW

**Originally published on The Fashion Report**

I thought I would share my latest fashion article with you all that I wrote for my school’s fashion publication. I hope you enjoy it  as much as I did writing it. Check out the site further for more amazing style, beauty and features articles!

The Lincoln Center in New York City (layoverguide.com)
With New York Fashion Week in the books and everyone heading off to London for the next round, the rest of us are left a little confused. This confusion began when the schedule for Fashion Week was revealed and it showed that many popular shows (like Michael Kors and Tory Burch) were not going to be held at the iconic Lincoln Center, but rather at other locations around Manhattan and even Brooklyn. Remember when New York Fashion Week was held at Bryant Park? It was only four years ago that the switch was made to Lincoln Center due to crowdedness and insufficient amount of space. But now problems about that destination have arisen; a lengthy check in process, posers and sponsor booths have started giving it a more Las Vegas feel. Since 2010, the number of designers showing at Lincoln Center has dropped roughly twelve percent, from 89 shows to 78.

Long-standing American designers Nanette Lepore and Carolina Herrera remain showing there, but many well-known designers have decided to show elsewhere. This year Donna Karen and Michael Kors decided to show outside of Lincoln Center, while many young, up-and-comers such as Derek Lam, Christian Siriano and Prabel Gurung also plan on showing at different locals. 

The reason? They want a less commercial, corporate feel and a more unique, artistic atmosphere for their shows. Many contemporary designers, who want to define their brand and stand out from the classic designers, found that showing at Lincoln Center just did not cut it.

Fashion shows these days are as much of a spectacle as a sporting event or concert. It is not just about the clothing anymore, but rather the setting they are shown in. Designers want to tell a story with their collections so the audience understands their source of inspiration. The facilities at Lincoln Center did not allow much leeway in terms of creative space and expression.  

 IMG, producer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, began to see this movement last spring and therefore offered three different runway spaces—the Stage, Studio, and Theater—as well as a presentation room, the Box. In these off-site locations, everything can be customized, allowing designers to create the ideal environment to show their collections. Additionally, it lets designers have more freedom when it comes to seating, catwalk set up and check in process. 

Though showing at Lincoln Center is not dead yet, for many designers still like Lincoln Center because it provides an adequate space that is convenient for designers based  internationally. It is also in a corporate setting, which can provide a comfort zone for corporate guests with money. Another benefit of showing at Lincoln Center rather than an off-site location is that it comes at a much cheaper price tag. When showing at an outside venue designers are on their own when it comes to renting equipment and décor, which can end up costing them tens of thousands of dollars.Nonetheless, when one hears “New York Fashion Week,” it is likely that they immediately associate it with Lincoln Center. But sadly that soon may not be the case. With the move to other, more creative spaces, New York Fashion Week may no longer have a headlining and iconic landmark to call home. I guess only the time will tell!

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