What’s in a Name

Whenever I embark on a new project, thinking of a name is the hardest part. The name defines the image. It defines the impression others have and the image you want it to have. That’s why coming up with a name for this blog was a challenge. I wanted it to represent who I am as a person and reflect the content I post.

That’s why I chose to title this “The World According to Fashion.” To me, the phrase proves that fashion plays an integral part in our everyday lives whether we know it or not. It has a ubiquitous sphere of influence worldwide, and it is never going to stop.

Then comes the question: Who am I and what do I want to post?

First of all, I am an about-to-be-twenty-year-old college student double majoring in journalism and fashion merchandising with the hope of becoming a fashion journalist. That’s the answer everyone receives when they ask me about my future. However, I am also a fashion loving freak who devours magazines as if they were chocolate cake and worships over street style. My personal style is described as free spirit with notes of boho and a touch of girly. I have a fetish for leopard print and dark nail polish. Lily Collins is my beauty inspiration (I mean, who doesn’t lust over her eyebrows??). I am the girl who decides to break in her new heeled booties at work during an 8 hour shift and lived to tell the tale.

To answer the second part of the initial question, I want to post about why and how fashion is so influential in today’s society. I take my job as a writer seriously and believe that words have a way of influencing the way others think. I want to show the relationship between fashion and the world we live in—with the arts, sciences,history, film and culture. I want that to be my “niche” so to speak.

robin williams quote

My old fashion blog, Stylenomics 101, was a great start, but I found myself falling into the trap of doing what every other blogger/vlogger out there was doing: favorites videos, product reviews, hauls. I wanted to do something different, something the other bloggers out there weren’t doing. I didn’t want to delve into street style or do more product reviews of high-end makeup no one else can afford, I want to write about what I know and that’s fashion and the part it plays in society.

It all begins with this blog. I decided to start a new one come the new school year with a specific focus in mind: my focus is to provide think pieces. I want to provoke with my writing. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted my angle as a fashion journalist to be. Bill Cunningham does his weekly street style videos with an old school film camera riding a bicycle around New York City. Anna Wintour is the mastermind behind every issue of Vogue. I’m not looking to be the next Suzy Menkes – I’m looking to create a name for myself. I want to convince every critic of the fashion industry that it is more than just something superficial, that fashion isn’t just clothing or models, but a real force in today’s world.

And it begins here. Welcome to The World According to Fashion.


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