Got Oxygen?

This last weekend, I had a small getaway to Grand Lake. Grand Lake is one of three lakes at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is connected to Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby. Granby is the biggest lake, however, Grand Lake is the most famous one. Unlike other lakes I have visited in Minnesota, these lakes are alpine lakes so they are colder than the lakes I’m used to!

View from Berthoud Pass

We stayed in a cabin-ish motel right off the downtown area. The lodging was set up to where it was set up similar to a motel with a cute courtyard in the middle with barbecues for grilling. The units themselves were like mini cabins, with the signature Colorado log cabin feel.

The cool thing about where we stayed was that we were within walking distance of the main downtown area with all the shops and restaurants, and of course, the lake. It was super convenient because if you wanted to shop of go grab a cup of coffee, you weren’t too far away.

Pretty day on the water

We got up there Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. It was one of the shortest trips we have taken, mostly because everyone’s work schedule has been insane this summer so it has been hard for all of us to get away. We spent Friday afternoon just hanging around town and went out to eat and partake in some amazing homemade ice cream. On Saturday, we spent part of the day down by the lake so my brother could do a little fishing. We walked around a few different trails and it gave me a chance to do a little photography. After, my sister and I went for coffee and to do a little souvenir shopping around town. We had a small barbecue that night. The weather was so cool we were able to sit outside to eat, something hard to do back in Denver when the sun beats down on the eating area!

Lakeside chillin

Both nights were spent watching the sunset on the docks by the water. What’s better than a Colorado sunset in the mountains over the water? I’m a sucker for a good sunset, and I got to watch two beautiful one. Definitely the highlight of the trip.


Friday’s sunset

The one thing I would have loved to do would be to go out on the lake and do some tubing. I love doing water sports on lakes because the water is fresh as opposed to salty. The water was too cold to do anything unless you were to wear a wet suit to go swimming. I ended up dipping my feet in and it was a little cold, but refreshing.

Overall, it was a good way to spend the weekend. Definitely better than spending it at Forever 21 with all the back to school shoppers! It was a nice break to get me recharged before school starts.

BONUS: I got to go up to Fort Collins Monday to just bum around. My friend who is a rising freshman invited me to tag along. I was so excited just to be back because I love Fort Collins and I can’t wait to be back at school. We went on campus a little bit and then to Cafe Mexicali for lunch and then to Old Town. We did some boutique shopping and finished up at Kilwin’s for some ice cream. I even took some fudge home for the fam, as it’s kind of legendary.

I honestly can’t wait to move back up in about two weeks (crazy, right?). I’m excited for this upcoming year and to see all of my friends I haven’t been able to this summer.


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