(I know this post is a little delayed but I haven’t had any down time since like, well, Wednesday.)

This past week, I got the opportunity to go see probably my favorite band of all time, Rascal Flatts. I find that you can never go wrong with any one of their songs, plus they play an amazing live show! I first got into them when they came out with their song “Life is a Highway” (yes, I know its technically a cover) when Cars came out in 2006. Ever since, they have been my favorite band and slowly got me to fall in love with country music in general.

Throwback to Rascal Flatts 2012 with momma

I first saw them in concert two years ago when they played the same venue, Fiddler’s Green, with my mom. When I saw that KYGO (the hit country music station in Denver) was hosting a show for them, I had to get tickets, so I along with 2 of my closest friends, my sister and her friend were headed to the concert.

Me and two of my closest friends, Meagan and Christina

We got general admission tickets, meaning we were sitting on the lawn. Fiddler’s Green is an outdoor amphitheater,  so they host shows from May through September, in rain or shine. Unfortunately for us, it was rain. A pro to sitting on the lawn is it rises above the seats so you get a perfect view of the concert, but a con is it gets absolutely soaked in the rain.

image_2 (2)
Panoramic view of our view at Fiddler’s Green

Before the concert, we hosted everyone over at my house for an early dinner of grilled chicken and Greek style roasted potatoes. It was cool enough to where we could sit on the patio so it was nice to enjoy the weather before it got really nasty.

The opening acts for the show were Frankie Ballard and Gloriana, who were both amazing live. Up until this point, I have seen a fair share of country artists, and none of them have disappointed singing live. They were no exception. They sang their new hits  and their older, but equally as popular hits.

image_4 (2)
Frankie Ballard!

During the intermissions, we got hit with the rain as the storm was passing Denver. Sitting in the rain underneath an umbrella is probably the worst way to enjoy an outdoor concert, but once it stopped and once we shed our soaked jackets, the night was much more enjoyable.


image_1 (2)
Concert selfies!

Then came the main event, Rascal Flatts! They played three songs from their new album: “Payback,” “DJ Tonight,” and of course “Rewind.” They played a bunch of their old hits, “Life is a Highway,” “Fast Cars and Freedom,” “Me and My Gang,” “Stand,” and “Banjo” to name a few. The one thing that was pretty spectacular is they added some pyrotechnics to the end of their set list during the last song, which really made it a party.

Rascal Flatts!

Overall, it was a great night with friends and great country music despite the inclement, bipolar Colorado weather.


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