Things in the Springs

I have come to the conclusion that all of Colorado’s universities have the most amazing views from campus.

View from UCCS

I am continually amazed at Colorado’s beauty. For the longest time, I have wanted to move away from the state (and I still do for some duration of time) but now that I’m appreciating how amazing this state is, the possibility of me living here and raising a family has significantly increased. Yesterday, I tagged along with my mom and sister (what I call being “along for the ride”) on my sister’s tour of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). I can barely believe she’ll be applying to colleges in the fall! She came with me on some of mine, so going brought back some intense nostalgia of when I was going through the entire application and touring process. Colorado Springs is about an hour south of Denver and is home to the U.S. Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and the U.S. Olympic Training Center to name a few significant attractions. I have been to the Springs over the years a handful of times, but I still haven’t been to all the main attractions. From spending some time there yesterday, it is actually a very beautiful area of the state.

Just outside the Springs (in the distance is the Air Force Academy football stadium!)
Welcome to Colorado Springs!

Compared to Fort Collins, Colorado Springs is much more hilly, with several bluffs that overlook the city. In fact, UCCS itself is on a bluff with the most amazing views of the mountains and the city from campus. Walking on the campus tour, I was amazed at how stunning the views were. As for the college, Katie (my sister) seemed super amazed. She wants to go into nursing and from what she told me from the tour of the nursing school (I didn’t go because medical stuff freaks me out) she was super impressed and considers it one of her top choices as of now for college.

Super jealous of Katie’s view if she decides to come down here for college next fall.

Another motive I had for going down to the Springs was to visit this Orthodox coffee shop, Agia Sophia. One of my friends has raved to me about it and so when I told my mom and sister, they were both on board to visit. On the way, we had a view of Pikes Peak, hidden behind the low clouds. Agia Sophia was built in an old house so the feel is serene and quaint. The walls were covered with religious art and iconography and also housed many different religious books as well. Not only do they have amazing paninis (highly suggest by the way), they were voted to have the best chai in the Springs. I didn’t get any, which I now regret, but there’s always next time right?

Pikes Peak behind the clouds
Agia Sophia coffee shop, home of the Springs’s best chai!

Since Colorado has been having periods of inclement weather in the afternoon and with rush hour looming, we didn’t have much time to explore, begging for another trip to happen. We drove a little further into Old Colorado City, a historical downtown district, similar to Old Town in Fort Collins. There were many souvenir shops, small boutiques, restaurants (home to Jake and Telly’s, a known Greek taverna) and probably one of the best cupcake shops I have ever been to.

Old Colorado City

Katie and I have both had an intense craving for cupcakes and whenever it’s the two of us and our mom, we always manage to get suckered into stopping in these cupcake shops to evaluate just how good they taste. The place we stopped at was called Mya Bella Cupcakes. They had a variety of flavors, but out of indecision, I ended up with their Triple Chocolate cupcake. Katie got their Cherry Jubilee cupcake and my mom got their Lemon cupcake (my other choice). We were all thoroughly impressed by the moistness of their cakes and the fluffiness of their frosting. We all agreed that they give Georgetown Cupcakes in D.C. a run for their money!

Mya Bella Cupcakes for the win.
Their Triple Chocolate cupcake served in a little cup with a fork for easy eating. Yum!

The drive back wasn’t awful, but we did hit patches of traffic, but the views on the side of the road of the mountains paralleling the interstate made the drive much more bearable.

Outside Monument Hill, at over 7,000 feet

I’m definitely excited to go back and revisit some of the places I have been before and to discover more new places in the near future!


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