Boulder Bound

Do not put four loud Greeks in a car together. Especially when it comes to navigating.

I took a somewhat spontaneous trip to Boulder this weekend with my friend Christina to visit some guys that go to school at CU that we met at a church retreat back in February. We wanted to go down there before the end of the semester, so I’m glad we were able to go before they took their finals (they get out about a week before we do).

Seeing as we are both freshman, we didn’t have many transportation options. The Fort Collins bus service is sub par (Boulder actually has us beat in that department) so we decided to try Zipcar. I am now a huge advocate of it, recommending it as a relatively inexpensive way to have a car. We reserved it for a good portion of the afternoon/evening and everything for it was paid for so we could virtually take it anywhere. We got what seemed like a brand new Ford Escape to drive, which was pretty nice for a rental car.

The drive to Boulder from Fort Collins took about an hour, but it seemed to go by much faster than that. It was a perfect day to take a drive and walk around, not compared to today where it’s windy on the verge of rain. Once we got there, I was amazed at how beautiful Boulder was around the CU campus. I had never been to Boulder other than to the Greek church since my dance group used to dance at the festival there every year. Needless to say, I was a Pearl Street and CU virgin, something that desperately needed to be checked off my Colorado bucket list.

Great view from the loop.
Great view from the loop.
View from Kittredge Loop, overlooking the practice field.
View from Kittredge Loop, overlooking the practice field.

After we picked up our friends, EJ and Hristo (and after much dispute and some back seat driving about how exactly go get to Pearl Street), we were off to enjoy Boulder’s main attraction. The atmosphere was alive with street performers, high schoolers all decked out in their prom attire and people from all walks of live, both locals and visitors, taking in all Pearl Street has to offer.

The highlight was seeing this street performer perform something equivalent to a circus act. When he caught our attention, he was juggling for the crowd up to seven balls (which was very difficult and took a long time to learn). He then began standing on multiple unstable objects that were round and oddly shaped, maybe standing ten feet in the air juggling knives. Yes, knives. It was probably the most incredible amateur act I have ever seen. On top of all that, he walked across a two millimeter in diameter tight rope (wish I could upload the video). It was an incredible show to watch.

Street performer on Pearl Street juggling knives
Street performer on Pearl Street juggling knives

We then went to a bunch of shops such as Rocket Fizz (we have one in FoCo, but what I came to learn was that Boulder and FoCo have a lot of the same places) and this other little tea shop called Ku Cha, where they have this object you can purchase called a “peeing baby” where you store it in cold water and then pour hot water over it and it pees it out (another video moment I wish I could upload)! It was funny just to watch in the store when one of the sales people demonstrated it for us. Another store we went to was one of the CU gear stores called Where the Buffalo Roam. It had just a bunch of CU gear and others novelty t-shirts with sayings from shows and movies such as “The Big Bang Theory,” “Anchorman,” and “Doctor Who.”

Random findings at Where the Buffalo Roam
Random findings at Where the Buffalo Roam

Once we left Pearl Street, we went to The Hill, a hangout spot literally right across the street from the CU campus. The boys suggested The Sink, this well-known institution in Boulder. It’s so well-known that Guy Fieri of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” visited it and tried the Texas Onion Straw Burger (Hristo got it and it looked good!). I ended up getting my usual burger, some variation of a BBQ bacon burger and it was very delicious. The atmosphere is very personalized, filled with lots of hand painted murals and signatures on the ceiling. It was the one time I regret not having a Sharpie with me so we could leave our mark, but we did put up the sticker they gave us with the bill right about our table, so that counted as our mark on The Sink.

Burger from The Sink
BBQ bacon burger from The Sink

We then headed back to campus to just walk around and explore. It is laid out differently than the CSU campus, but in a good way.  Christina wanted to visit her best friend that lived there (who by the way, created this amazing engineering project that was to measure frequencies so when you plugged it into music, it lit up based on the frequencies of the song). While she was seeing her, we just hung outside around this pond they had–similar to the lagoon on CSU’s campus–antagonizing the geese and climbing trees (mostly Hristo; EJ and I just watched him and his shenanigans).

Trying to scare off the geese on the CU campus
Trying to scare off the geese on the CU campus
Just sitting in a tree, no big deal
Just sitting in a tree, no big deal

We also took a field trip to their engineering center and traveled up to the 8th floor which had a great view of the campus all lit up at night. I guess it was supposed to be even better during the day, but it was still pretty spectacular.

By that time, it was pretty late and Christina and I had to hit the road since it was an hour to get back. We walked back to where we parked the car and called it a night. It was honestly one of the best nights I have had this semester with some of the best people I have met this semester.

If any of you mentioned in this post–Christina, EJ, Hristo–are reading, I just want to say that I love spending time with you guys! You all are so much fun and I’m so glad we met at the retreat and are able to keep in touch. And to the boys–thank you for such a great trip to Boulder and showing us the city. You both are such gentleman and some of the most lively, entertaining, hilarious Greek boys I have ever met! There is never a dull moment with you guys! Can’t wait until you guys come up to FoCo so we can show you our stomping ground 😉


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