Life is Beautiful


If you have read the tagline of this blog, you will notice that it’s not in English, but in Greek. ‘H ζωή είναι όμορφη’ ( I zoi einai omorfi) means ‘life is beautiful’ in Greek. While we all have our battles that we fight each day, we have to take a moment and remember to stop and smell the roses (or the coffee) and to enjoy  the small things in life.

Last summer, I went to Greece and it was probably one of the most life changing experiences of my life. Not only did I get to explore one of the most culture rich countries in the entire world, I got to trace my heritage back to the motherland. Where does the so called ‘life changing’ come into play? I must be honest, before Greece, my mentality was constantly focused on what I was going to do next. In Greece, I was not on a set schedule whatsoever. We would sight see until our feet hurt; we got dinner when we were hungry; there was not a single clock in sight. Not being on a set schedule really helped to retrain my brain into enjoying the moment, something my parents have harped on me to do for the last several years. I will be the first to admit that it is hard. It is hard to remember to take time out of my crazy schedule to remember to enjoy the present with the people and experiences I’m surrounded by. Having come back, my brain is no longer focused on the next thing, but rather the task at hand and I find that with that focus, it allows me to enjoy myself better than thinking of what’s next on the agenda.

My trip to Greece was essentially a summer camp (I know, camp in Greece. Pretty cool, right?) and my counselors introduced us to the M.O.A. board (moments of appreciation). We documented our M.O.As from throughout the entire three weeks we were there and presented it to the camp director at the end, as a thank you to what the experience meant to us. The moments were personal and unique, as we all took something different from that trip. To this day, it challenges me to find the moments of appreciation in each day, something that may be small, but made the day worth remembering.

That’s why I titled this blog the way I did; ‘Life is Like a [Greek] Cup of Coffee’ is my way taking time to reflect (perhaps, over a cup of coffee?) the moments that make life worthwhile whether it be through things I experience and learn from, my journalistic endeavors, through food, through the lens of a camera or things going on in my world. My hope is to continue to document my life events on this blog, big or small, and share them with my readers so they can see what I see each day. I have my fashion blog over at, but that one is more for me to gain experience as a fashion journalist, my future career goal. This blog is just for me to be a writer and to share my life with my readers. So brew that cup of coffee and join me a while.



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